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Board of Education Reports Annual Web Reports WISD Year-End Goal Report NCA Quality Assurance Review
Department Contacts
Scott Menzel
734-994-8100 x1301
Dr. Sarena Shivers
Assistant Superintendent, Student Achievement and Services
734-994-8100 x1257
Brian Marcel
Assistant Superintendent Administration & Support Services
734-994-8100 x1402
Board Members
Gregory A. Peoples
Dayle K. Wright
Diane B. Hockett
Mary Jane Tramontin
Mark Van Bogelen
734-994-8100 x1300

About WISD Organizational Reports
Picture of Teaching and Learning Center
WISD Board of Education Reports

Board Reports summarize the actions taken at WISD board meetings. These meetings are usually held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month beginning at 5:30 p.m. in the Teaching and Learning Center Board Room.

Board Members, Meetings and Reports

WISD Annual Web Reports

This report, required under section 620 of the Revised School Code, shows how WISD uses a small portion of its resources. WISD’s overall spending decisions are driven by our mission to provide the leadership, programs, and services that enhance achievement for all students. That’s why WISD supports school improvement efforts, provides cost-effective business solutions, offers programs for students, helps parents, and works within our community to maximize resources for all families. We invite you to go beyond this report. Explore our Website to discover the more than 50 quality, cost-effective programs and services we provide. If you have any questions, please call (734) 994-8100, ext. 1321.

WISD Annual Web Reports

WISD Year-End Goal Report

As we work with the diverse learners and communities in our county to ensure a quality education for every young person, the focus areas of our 20/20 Plan continue to serve as a critical roadmap in putting students first. This report provides a final update for each of the focus areas of our 20/20 Plan and the key indicators.

PDF File  WISD 2012-2013 Year-End Goal Report

NCA Quality Assurance Review

The purpose of the Quality Assurance Review is to:

  1. Evaluate the educational service agency's adherence to the AdvancED quality standards.
  2. Assess the efficacy of the agency’s improvement process and methods for quality assurance.
  3. Identify commendations and recommendations to improve the agency.
  4. Make an accreditation recommendation for review by the national AdvancED Accreditation Commission.

A key aim of the Quality Assurance Review is to verify that the agency is operating with institutional integrity – that it is fulfilling its vision and mission for its learners and other constituents.

PDF File  NCA Quality Assurance Review

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