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Senior Exit Survey: Washtenaw County High Schools
Helping Students Achieve Success


The Senior Exit Survey, undertaken by the Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD), is a survey of the experiences and plans of the graduating seniors from the public high schools in Washtenaw County.

Each year the senior exit survey is administered to all graduating seniors at each of the 16 public high schools in Washtenaw County. Questions on the survey ask students about a wide variety of topics including their course-taking patterns, extra-curricular involvement, and learning experiences in high school as well as their feelings of self-efficacy related to their academic and social abilities. Students are also asked about their anticipated post-secondary plans. District staff use the survey results as a tool for the planning for and evaluation of school improvement efforts.

Senior Exit Survey Chart Generator
This tool allows analysis of Senior Exit Survey Tools from 2005-2010.

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