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Washtenaw First Steps/Early On
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First Steps Washtenaw supports parents and families in the preparation of their children for school by coordinating and delivering early childhood development and community services. First Steps Washtenaw is open to all families, with children ages 0-5, who live in Washtenaw County.

First Steps Washtenaw services, depending on which county you reside in, may include:

  • Parent/child playgroups

  • Parent support and information groups

  • Periodic screening to assess overall development including health, hearing and vision

  • Connections to quality preschool services

  • Connections to community resources

  • Integration with Early On and Good Start support family services

As a First Steps Washtenaw parent, you will learn how to:

  • Build your understanding of early childhood development and the role you play.

  • Define appropriate expectations for each developmental stage with supportive parent/child guidance.

  • Identify learning opportunities to enhance your child's intellectual, physical and social growth.

  • Use community resources and services to their fullest potential to benefit your family.

FSW Local Programs

Each school district in the county has a FSW program. To get information on the program in your local school district, please visit:

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